And they say “BitCoin is a Joke”!

BitCoin rendering
CC BY BTC Keychain

I went into a bank a few days ago with a bill from Germany. This was how the conversation went:

me: “Hello, I have this bill from Germany I need to pay. How much will it cost?

clerk: “Can I see?

me: “Here you go.

clerk: “Ah…the bill is only 15 Euro…I see. [looks embarrassed a bit] The transaction fee will be 15 Euro, but you’ll also need to open an account at our bank, which costs you another [don’t recall how much] per year… [continues to look embarrassed]

me: “So, significantly more than the bill itself?

clerk: “Ahem…

me: “Never mind, thank you for the information. Bye.

I paid a bit less at my own bank the bank whose accounts I use, but that’s beside the point. I had a similar bill several years ago so I had some notion of what would happen. On the other hand, the world moved on since then: Croatia joined the EU, banking technology moved on…or so I thought. I ended up paying a handling fee equal to 30% of the invoice amount. The improvement was that I can now pay outrageous transaction fees from the comfort of my own home.

It might not be this year, or the next one. It might not be Bitcoin or Litecoin, but the day is coming and it’s not far away. I can barely wait for these financial parasites, these intermediaries who are only good at producing contracts to be pushed aside, like they so clearly deserve. If/when I start a business, it will accept cryptocurrency first and fiat later. When I shop, I will keep an eye out for shops accepting crypto. When I talk about it, it will be about why fiat is dead and crypto is our future. I am clearly not the first one who takes this stance and – as long as banks continue to live in the 20th century, or even regardless of what banks do – certainly not the last.


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