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In those warm summer afternoons, when it’s 35 °C+ outside, a failed PSU is a treasure, not junk: a silent, 12V fan and a mouldable metal case which easily turns into a fan stand. 😀



In just under 20 minutes Glenn Greenwald brilliantly tears apart the now mainstream, “privacy doesn’t matter” myth promoted by the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple.

DictionaryI had first encountered foreign languages as a preschooler, watching TV, I guess. In retrospect, I don’t really know why it is that I “knew” English when I started learning it at school at 9 years of age: it was just kind of there…I have fond memories of my English teacher, though, and I still remember some of the lessons like they were yesterday: “I’m Bill. This is Jill. We’re friends. Hello, Jill!”, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” …and so on.

Still, because I had somehow gotten a grasp on English informally, effortlessly and without really noticing, it didn’t (and still doesn’t) fit very well into the usual categories: I consider it neither a foreign, nor a native language, but something in-between.

Now German – that’s a foreign language! I started learning Read the rest of this entry »

US Military Interventions

US Military Interventions (source)

CAM01148Five years old and my Asus Eee 900 fan was telling me in no subtle way that it was about to die. Based on previous experience, I thought that a drop of general purpose lubricant in the fan’s bearing would breath new life into it so I went to fetch my screwdrivers and started disassembling the little machine.

It took about 2 minutes for me to realise that I might have been a bit hasty. Read the rest of this entry »

Emergency Room

(CC BY SA 2.0)

Today I almost got hospitalised. Or killed, I don’t know. In all other respects, it wasn’t a particularly interesting day: a Friday morning, sunny, warm…seemed like the time of year to hang up my winter helmet and gloves and wipe the dust of my summer helmet. I was looking forward to wrapping up some work that’s been dragging on and then looking forward to the weekend. I was driving to work in the morning rush hour, avoiding main roads as I usually do, but I have to cut across them somewhere

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BitCoin rendering

CC BY BTC Keychain

I went into a bank a few days ago with a bill from Germany. This was how the conversation went:

me: “Hello, I have this bill from Germany I need to pay. How much will it cost?

clerk: “Can I see?

me: “Here you go.

clerk: “Ah…the bill is only 15 Euro…I see. [looks embarrassed a bit] The transaction fee will be 15 Euro, but you’ll also need to open an account at our bank, which costs you another [don’t recall how much] per year… [continues to look embarrassed]

me: “So, significantly more than the bill itself?

clerk: “Ahem…

me: “Never mind, thank you for the information. Bye.Read the rest of this entry »