DIY: Bicycle Camera Stand

Bicycle camera stand material
Bicycle camera stand material

In order to be able to communicate better what driving a bicycle in Zagreb is like, I have long been toying with the idea of building a simple bicycle camera stand. Since spending a few months assembling a 3D printer like the Prusa to be able to print out the camera stand seemed just a little bit excessive, I opted for the more down-to-earth, nuts, bolts, scissors and pliers approach.

These were my design goals:

  • very cheap parts
  • very easy to build
  • robust enough to prevent damage to the camera

I focused on these because I wanted to allow others to easily copy the design if they want. Along the same lines, I assumed that a good number of people now have a phone with a usable camera which they would be willing to use. It makes a lot of sense, given that even my 3 year old phone has a 640x480px@30fps camera, a reasonable power supply, more than enough internal storage for footage, is light, small and all that for about 50€ second-hand.

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