Breaking News: “Looking Too Good” now Legally Defined

Miss A., we apologise, but your trousers insult our religion so you may no longer wear them in public.
Female citizen #962623, we apologise, but your trousers are too attractive and they insult our religion, so from now on, you may no longer wear them in public and will be laid off from work. (Photo by FaceMePLS, CC BY)

West Aceh is an Indonesian regency in the north-western part of  Sumatra. It is about the size of Luxembourg or Istria and is one of the areas hardest hit by the 2004 tsunami. It is also the only part of a predominantly Muslim, but otherwise secular Indonesia which upholds sharia law. In 2010 West Aceh police set up road-blocks to search cars and buses for nothing less than…women wearing tight trousers. The ladies, or should we say, the “offenders” were taken away Continue reading “Breaking News: “Looking Too Good” now Legally Defined”


Power Grab: Instagram, a Case in Point

Instagram/FacebookIt is hard to find an on-line IT magazine that did not cover the Instagram terms of use debacle that occurred mid-December. In short, Instagram changed its terms of use, it did not go unnoticed, strong negative reactions were widely reported and Instagram reverted some of the changes – and this is where many of the published articles on the subject stop.

I would like to offer an interpretation of these events, to provide a wider context and in doing so highlight their meaning and purpose. Continue reading “Power Grab: Instagram, a Case in Point”