And they say “BitCoin is a Joke”!

BitCoin rendering
CC BY BTC Keychain

I went into a bank a few days ago with a bill from Germany. This was how the conversation went:

me: “Hello, I have this bill from Germany I need to pay. How much will it cost?

clerk: “Can I see?

me: “Here you go.

clerk: “Ah…the bill is only 15 Euro…I see. [looks embarrassed a bit] The transaction fee will be 15 Euro, but you’ll also need to open an account at our bank, which costs you another [don’t recall how much] per year… [continues to look embarrassed]

me: “So, significantly more than the bill itself?

clerk: “Ahem…

me: “Never mind, thank you for the information. Bye.Continue reading “And they say “BitCoin is a Joke”!”