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Playing the “Find the Cycling Lane” Game

Found it! If you look carefully enough, you practically can't miss it...

Found it! If you look carefully enough for a cleaned cycling path, you can’t miss it…

A few days ago, Zagreb’s mayor, Mr. M. Bandic announced very publicly that Zagreb, the 800 000 inhabitant capital of Croatia, was now free of snow and ice after the heavy snowfall last weekend. One only needs healthy eyesight to see how far that really was from the truth. The announcement therefore came as quite a shock – and vulgar provocation and insult – to citizens who were (and still are) struggling, trying to get things done around town, get to work and back home without an unplanned visit to an emergency room. Truth be told, the utter collapse of city transportation that took place 4 days ago has been relieved to a degree: a significant part of the street network supports slowed down car traffic and trains, buses and trams drive mostly (but not fully) according to their normal routes and selected squares have been cleaned for pedestrian traffic.

One things stands out in all the fuss around a city paralysed by snow, in that it doesn’t even get mentioned as an issue by the city administration – namely, cycling lanes. (more…)